Friday, June 24, 2011

Swim Lessons

We are lucky to have one of the best swim teachers at our pool in Newington Plantation. Ms Victoria has been involved with the pool since she was 4 years old...starting out as a member of their swim team and ending up as one of their top coaches. She's taken on a huge task of training little ones how to swim for fun and also competition. It's been said in the Summerville area that she is the "Swim Whisperer" for younger children and a must have if you want your child experienced at the end of the session. Emma started out with four 15 minute sessions this week and I will say what is said about Ms.Victoria is true. On our last lesson of the week, Emma was swimming all by herself. I'm not saying she is swimming laps with big arms, but she will most definitely swim until she finds the wall or step. I am so proud and so excited to watch her progress through the summer. We are signing up for more sessions next week!!!!!

Just a bribe!

After 4 nights of musical beds, I thought that maybe having a little reward for sleeping all night in the big girl bed would be a good idea. Our bribe was My Little Ponies displayed on the fridge for all to see (including the culprit herself!). After 4 returns to bed early evening and one return at 2:30 with little crying, I couldn't believe it at 8 this morning and she was still asleep...ALONE!!! I guess a little bribery works sometimes. The smile and excitement this morning was great, but only made me think i'll need at least 10 (or quite possibly 50) ponies to get her through the next few weeks!

So excited about her Little Pony "Dash" even with sleep still in her eyes!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another milestone

When you're a parent you measure your child's first few years of life by the milestones they reach. I have joyfully ticked them off or charted them down, until Saturday morning when Dan came home with Emma's big girl bed. Yes, there were tears shed as the crib was taken down and the big bed was put in its place. She may be a big 2 year old, but seeing her in a double bed just doesn't seem right. I also have not slept right since the we made the big switch. The novelty of being able to get out of her bed is fun for her, but driving me crazy. My Little Ponies are sitting on top of the fridge to see if we can "bribe" her into sleeping through the night. At least she's a sweetheart at night and I'm her favorite person....we sleep cheek to cheek and she'll rub my back all night long!!!

"What did you bring, Daddy?"

"Oooo, a big girl bed"

She was so excited she wanted to help

Drake can finally sleep with Emma!!!

Not such a happy camper after the first nap in her new bed!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweet Caroline!

Last Saturday we were invited to Caroline's birthday party. The party was on a beautiful lake and hosted on a wonderful, warm summer day. The kids all got to enjoy some lake swimming, hot dogs straight from the grill and good ol' cupcakes to top it all off. Emma was so happy to share in this special day with Caroline and even helped me pick out her present (only after asking me if she could have one too). We thank our good friends for the invitation and the wonderful morning/afternoon at the lake!

With her new faux Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Emma and Jackson have some smiles while splashing one another!

Emma with the sweet Birthday Girl!

She ate all but 1 bite of bread

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ponytails and Pigtails

When your daughter is born with just a few small, almost invisible strands of hair and really doesn't get anything much to brag about until she's 2 1/2 years old, the small things like ponytails and pigtails are actually BIG things. For the first time last night, we were able to get Emma's hair into 2 perfectly matched, 2 inch pigtails. When I shrieked with excitement, Emma could not wait to come show everyone else her wonderful pigtails. We are finally able to do little girl hairstyles (even though a few of them have not quite turned out and ended in tears)!

The tears are probably because this hairstyle is RIDICULOUS! 

The definition of beautiful. 

The only problem with this picture is she no longer looks like my baby girl!

Showing off her pony tail to Grandma

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Play time at the pool

Emma and I invited a few friends to come play at the pool. When our pool first opened in May, Emma was not a fan of going under the water or jumping in and after only 3 weeks of playing at the pool, she now LOVES swimming, jumping, blowing bubbles and even going under the water. I am amazed to see how quickly she changes. Swim lessons will begin June 20 and I'll be interested to see what all our wonderful, swim teacher can get Emma to do. The pool has a concession stand this year with all kinds of snacks, but of course the popsicles are by far Emma's favorite. We can't enter the pool area without her first asking for a popsicle. It's a nice treat and at 25 cents a piece, why not! Here are a few pictures of our fun play time with friends at the pool....

The girls enjoying a popsicle break

When asked what color she wanted, she hesitated first to see what color her swim suit was and then asked for purple!


Summer Sisters

We are blessed to have Taylor and Anna spend every summer with us. They get about 6 weeks here in South Carolina before they have to head back to Iowa for the next school year. Emma loves when they come to visit and we always hate to see them go. Of course, it's a huge blessing to me because they are live in babysitters and love to spend time with Emma (while I cook, fold laundry, vacuum etc). After only being here for one week, we have already had so much fun. Here are a few pictures of the trip so far.....

The Big Sisters came bearing gifts...

So happy to get her Pretty, Pretty Princess game

Big thank you hugs

Slip Slidin' in the backyard

Headed to the beach

Lunch time!

Emma was so close to napping on the beach after 3 hours - we were not so lucky and she got her second wind as we loaded the car up and drove an hour back to Summerville.