Sunday, July 17, 2011

Potty Training!

After months of tossing around the idea of potty training and "experimenting" with big girl panties and potties, I decided 3 days ago to just go ahead and commit to this whole thing called Potty Training. Emma went 2 full days without an accident! Our first accident happened today while she was in Sunday School. Her story is that they were playing outside and she had to go potty! Even with that 1 minor upset, I am so proud of her. She has even manage to make it through nap time and night time without wetting her diaper. Here's to hoping she's one of those girls that just gets it one day and never looks back....I can only hope! But for now, the car is loaded down with potty, panties, wipes, clothes and extra shoes!!!

"I'm pee-peein' in the potty"

Yay Emma! HIGH FIVES!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011


When our last session of swim lessons started off a little rocky, we thought that maybe the lollipop would be enough to get her through...FAIL. After that we thought that maybe a big scoop of ice-cream for her big arms would help...FAIL. Our next attempt was a new Dora DVD...FAIL! The last and final lesson I spoke with Emma before she started and told her that if she would just listen to Ms. Victoria and swim really well for her we would get her toe nails painted and her hair cut...Are you kidding me? SUCCESS! She was excited and delighted to get "pampered" after a hard swim lesson. As we were walking into the "salon", Emma and big sister, Taylor, were signing the words to Drake's "Fancy" song..."Nails done, hair done, everything fancy, huh". What a princess! I couldn't believe my eyes though, when she stood up and had an actual big girl haircut!

First pedicure...

So happy to be pampered


Hair time...

Happy with her new do

Fancy for sure

Just smitten!

Little Fish...

Since Emma did so well in her last set of swimming lessons with Ms.Victoria, we decided to do one more set of lessons before the summer was over and Victoria left. We aren't sure if she'll return next summer, but one thing is for sure, she got our Emma swimming at 2 years old. I almost collapsed on her last day of lessons when Ms. Victoria tossed her off the diving board without any floatation device or hands close by...EMMA SWAM ALL THE WAY TO THE STAIRS! I could not believe my eyes when my little girl surfaced for water and continued to kick her little legs and made it with a smile on her face. Amazing! Especially since she started the week off with screaming fits and refusing to listen.

A little pep talk before.....TOSS...

C'mon Emma kick those legs and breathe!

The Grand Finale


At least they ended on a good note and will continue to be friends! We love Ms. Victoria!!


Since she was born bath times have always been a highlight of the day. We've had to "fish" her out of the water long after she was clean and ready. Some of my favorite pictures of Emma have been taken from the bath-tub and since I'm trying to update the photo's in the house, I decided it was time for an update in her bathroom too. Of course, she was more than happy to pose for a few shots and I was pleased with the outcome. Enjoy a few of pictures of our fun in the bath...

Fairy Outfits and Princess Dress Ups

She may be called a diva, drama queen, little lady, princess, girly girl, but I love her to death and it such a treat to have such a little girl who loves all the girly things in life. Yes, sometimes it's hard to get them through life, but I am up for the challenge and will love every moment of it. The drama fits are welcome as long as I get to see this precious smile in fairy outfits and princess dress ups!

My little fairy

Cinderella joins us for dinner!


Emma loves preforming for the family and her new favorite things is...gymnastics! She just learned how to do a somersault without any assistance, so every night she pulls her yoga mats out and puts on a gymnastics show for us. It's the cutest thing and I think it's time to enroll the girl in some classes!!!

Celebrating the 4th of July...

After 12 years of missing all the celebrations involved with the 4th of July, Dan finally had the day off and enjoyed the festivities with us. Our  4th began on Sunday morning when we attended the annual 4th of July service at Smyrna Methodist Church (this is where Bob served before he passed away). They always have a great service and then a wonderful hotdog meal and water fight afterwards. It was sad to be there without Bob around, but we were welcomed by that wonderful group of people. On Monday morning, we enjoyed a relaxing few hours at the pool with some friends, and luckily we were able to leave before the crowd hit and the weather got too hot. My sister-in-law, Emily, hosts a wonderful party with great food and fun times. We joined their party and spent the late afternoon/evening eating, catching up with friends and fireworks. Thankfully Grandma volunteered to take Emma home for bath and bed time, so she missed the "dreaded" fireworks and got a good nights sleep! Maybe next year she'll enjoy the fireworks!

Red, White and Blue Family Portrait!

Too Sweet

"Boppin' them on the head" from Little Bunny Foo-Foo

Yummy Home-made Ice-Cream

Dinner time with Roan

Game Time!

Enjoying a cookie with Avery

Sweet Elizabeth

The beautiful Haskell Girls (Baby Girl included!)

What precious friends!

Roni's adorable Eagle heads

Tea Time

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Life's a Beach

Last minute beach trips are always a highlight and seem to work out better than the actual planned trips. Last week we were invited to join my sister-in-law and her group of friends for a day at Kiawah Beach. Our beaches are all about an hour away, so when we go...WE GO! I always feel like I take everything but the kitchen sink too. We had a wonderful group of mothers (and one grandmother) and about 15 kids. It was a blast and everyone got along so wonderfully. With 14 kids older than my 2 year old, I barely had to lift a finger...or my voice! I look forward to another great, relaxing day on the beach with this great group of people.

Sand play with Tay-Tay

The Girls 

"What'choo doin' Mommy"

Yogurt Face

14 Kids and Counting....

All Hail the Wonderful Taylor!

Macho, macho men!!!

Little Sydney

Playing football with Will